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In-Store Early: Lauren Bush's FEED Bags for Whole Foods

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Lauren Bush's FEED bags were slated to launch in Whole Foods May 1, but they're already in-store at the Whole Foods at West 3rd Street and Fairfax Avenue, along with a slew of other bags to take to market. The $29.99 cotton/burlap bag (with proceeds to pay for 100 nutritious school meals) was a bit smaller than we expected, around the same size as the green Whole Foods bags. Though we can't imagine zipping that thing up into its burlap square, the burlap bottom is quite sturdy for hauling the heavy stuff—milk, wine, juice, etc. The longer shoulder straps are also a plus. Given that Whole Foods rid itself of plastic bags on Earth Day, April 22, we did notice a lot of action at the display and people buying multiple re-usable grocery totes. Staffers at Whole Foods said that a few people have groaned about no more plastic bags, but the vast majority are all for it.
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