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Launches & Releases: Fred Segal Green Debuts in Santa Monica

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Photo via Emerald City

It's so hip to be green, what was Fred Segal going to do—not open an eco-friendly section? In fact, we're kind of surprised the nexus of trendy and expensive didn't do it before now. Located in a 1,200-square-foot space at the back of Fred Segal east building in Santa Monica, Emerald City reports on Fred Segal Green's upmarket collection of furniture, home wares, and pet accessories: "High-end eco products get dissed a lot, because they can make environmentalism seem like an elitist movement... But examining these... carefully-designed products, I felt vaguely hopeful about a different sort of consumer culture. There's an anti-disposability to these items that serves as a refreshing contrast to today's one-use, throwaway world." Next sentence: "Of course, I can't afford to actually buy the stuff." Pricey highlights include Monacca laptop bags and calculators and Ronel Jordaan "river-stone-like cushion-seats." Apparently, the only affordable offerings for middle-classers are some coasters and an umbrella.
· Fred Segal Green: Gorgeous, expensive, eco-goodies [Emerald City]

Fred Segal

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