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Still Waiting: No Movement and No Free Tees at A Bathing Ape

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Only the die-hards will survive at A Bathing Ape, which was supposed to open at noon today, but still has not let any shoppers inside. From the field, our reporter got the scoop: "So after an hour and the line didn't move I headed to the front and finally found a staffer willing to take time out of crowd herding to answer some questions. She informed us that the tickets were a raffle for entry, so it didn't matter if you camped out for a few days. The limited tee shirts customers were buzzing about were $73, not free like some thought, and classic Bathing Ape sneakers are $190. She also told us their Spongebob collab shirts were a major item for Ape fans. No cameras or cell phones are allowed inside. They expect that all customers in line will eventually get inside to see the store, but they're only allowing ten kids in at a time. Good thing most were wearing their trusty Bathing Ape neon sneakers because they're going to be standing in line for a loooong time!"
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