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Retail Redo: Silver Lake Wine Bigger and Better First Photos!

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After four years in business on Glendale Boulevard in Silver Lake, Silver Lake Wine thought it was time to take everything up a notch, doubling its size in November, 2007, with architect Ana Henton leading the charge. We popped in recently and by our good fortune, Henton was there. She told Racked: "You know, you guys will be the first to photograph the space, since we're still adding a few finishing touches." Silver Lake Wine co-owner Randy Clement was also on hand, and, literally, couldn't stop singing Henton's praises. "We never thought we'd have such a beautiful store, and it's all because of Ana."

Besides doubling the space, Henton made the space very interactive with glass tops on storage units that double as spots for tastings, an ample bar area, and an open space without the disruption of towering aisles. It feels crisp and modern, but also inviting, as we witnessed the place bustling with people browsing and tasting. An architect even got married there.

There are also important features related to wine storage: the towers against the wall have a bit of a slant so each bottle of wine is tilted toward the cork when stored; and the waist-high storage units in the center of the space have shallow, circular spaces on top so wine bottles are securely placed.

Regarding the process, Henton told Racked, "I asked the guys here what a wine shop is usually like, and then I said 'let's not do that.'" Clement added, "We just didn't want it to be pretentious."

In fact, Clement and co-owners George Cossette and April Langford liked the result so much that Henton also ended up doing all the store's branding from letterhead to business cards to gift boxes. All marked by the now signature collage of clean-lined wine bottles, Clement brings it all out to show-and-tell like a proud papa while Henton soaks up the praise, loving every minute of it.
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