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Le Depot is Le Spot, Mid-Century Modern Furniture Galore at French 50s-60s Offshoot

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Photo via Apartment Therapy

Like us, Apartment Therapy received intel about French 50s-60s new Le Depot warehouse, located near Culver City and only opened noon-5pm on Saturdays and by appointment. AT got down there last weekend, and it looks and sounds fantastic, per the post: "It was so much bigger than we had imagined and bursting with fabulous mid century finds from Europe and California... Michele, the owner, also let us know that she has 2 other warehouses full of furniture just waiting to fill an empty space on the showroom floor. So if you have something you've been looking for it's worth bringing it up with her... since odds are she has one..." Disrupting our mid-day fantasy shopping spree, one commenter weighs in on pricing: "My BF and I have stopped by one of Michele's stores, and though we both make a good living, the pieces are extremely expensive, even for our budget."
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