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Storecasting: LA MILL Coffee Boutique, Part II

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It's easy to see why everyone was atwitter when LA MILL Coffee Boutique in Silver Lake opened—a glossy, high-designed space for premium coffee and tea, that started serving a dinner menu not too long ago. We noticed another space attached to the right of the restaurant—its windows covered—and wondered what it could be. One designer in the area said it was going to be a private dining area, but then later the same day an architect who's in the area told Racked (with noticeable confidence, which we took as inside scoop) that it was going to be another LA MILL retail space, no dining. A sliver of a peek inside and we could see a table with lamp, china, and potentially other boxed merch.

Come to find out, per Eater LA back in January, "Next door will eventually become a retail area, possibly by February. There are talks of a 'barista table,' like a chef's table, for coffee and multi-course dessert tastings." So, basically a combination of info from our designer/architect informants. We'll have to keep a watch on how it shapes up.
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