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Get Into The Grove: Lure the Kids with Ice Cream, Americana at Brand Cross Promotion

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Ray Kroc knew if he could get the kiddies hooked on Mickey D's, the parents would follow, hence, the Happy Meal and plopping McDonald's in proximity of every school possible. It seems that The Americana at Brand (the same developers behind The Grove) are taking a cue from Kroc with this cross-promotional Good Humor ice cream truck located at approximately the center of Grove shopping. Two signs are posted at either end of the the truck, which read:

"Sweet Treats. The original 1930 Ford Model A ice cream truck will make its home at The Americana at Brand, serving up classic frozen delights. Like The Grove, but with a character all its own, our beautiful new luxury destination for shopping, dining, entertainment and living opens May 2 in Glendale. Visit today."

It's such a tease. We spotted several little kids pointing at the truck, only to be explained by their parents that there was no ice cream being sold, despite the "buy them here" decal. See, kids, you gotta go to Americana for that. [RackedWire]