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Simon Says Read His Book

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He may be an institution on the NYC fashion scene, but Barneys Creative Director Simon Doonan is making the rounds with his latest book, Eccentric Glamour, in stores April 8. Specifically, Doonan will be at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, Thursday, April 17 from 5pm-7pm to sign and sell books. From publisher Simon and Schuster: "Simon Doonan offers a defense against the tidal wave of slutty dressing and porno-chic which has been engulfing us since the arrival of Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith, may she rest in peace, and Tara Reid... While the typical TV boobs 'n' botox make-overs force everywoman to look the same—see The Real Housewives of Orange Countythe transformations which he strives to provoke in this book are the very opposite. [Racked Inbox]

Barneys New York

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