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La Garçonne Knows How to Sell, Just-Launched Short Film, Slate

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Two days ago Style Bubble's Susanna Lau (who was just featured on Refinery29) posted about the effectiveness of eboutique La Garçonne's email marketing. From Style Bubble: "as someone who has experience with email marketing, I'd stick my neck out and say that La Garçonne probably gets a 10% click rate from emails sent with a click to sale rate of about 50% (these are high stats....) because everything is just presented so damn immaculately, making everything as enticing as possible...There's a quiet confidence about La Garçonne that you sense immediately." We have to say we agree with SB's assessment on La Garçonne's ability to capture and emulate its niche market of "'Indie Girls' with a natural desire to be original and they're effortlessly cool and quietly defy style guidelines."

Like clockwork, today La Garçonne launched a short film via email, featuring H Chalayan, Vena Cava, CoSTUME NATIONAL, B Store and Heimstone, which is pared down and atmospheric, allowing the clothes to speak for themselves. It's the non-sell sell that La Garconne does so well.
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