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Launches & Releases: Rich-in-Craft Handbags, Indeed

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Pictured left, Winter White Wool, Black Antler; pictured right, Peacock Herringbone Wool, White Antler

LA designers Tiffani Anne Williams and Parker Todd Brooks have recently launched Rich-in-Craft, a company the two created, in their own words, "to preserve and grow the delicate island that is inhabited by both craftsmanship and art." The first creation is the Folie à Deux, a limited-edition handbag (only 36 were produced) designed by the duo and manufactured by local artisans. Williams and Brooks hand-casted the horn-shaped top handles in an amalgam of polyurethane and glass; the shell is constructed with hand-quilted wool and lined in silk charmeuse. The whole thing comes in a custom cloth-covered box embedded with a silk-tufted pillow. With designer handbag prices still in the four digits, at least with the Folie à Deux, you're getting a locally handcrafted product. For pricing and to purchase, all you gotta do is click-click for a little retail email:
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Pictured left, Black Wool, White Antler; pictured right, Fawn Wool, White Antler

Pictured left, Black Wool, Black Antler, pictured right, Slate Wool, Black Antler

Pictured left, Folie à Deux with silk pillow & cloth-covered box; pictured right, Inner pocket and label in Folie à Deux