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Storecasting: Romp Boutique, Sustainable Luxe Leather

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Storecasting gives you the latest on shops opening near you. See something brewing in your neighborhood? Email us your tips and pics.

UK-based Romp, which is opening a boutique on West 3rd Street in conjunction with Earth Day on April 22, has been a bit of a mystery, with an early pic in the storefront of a woman embracing some sort of bovine mammal, taped next to a fashion photo of a model in a fur-trimmed suit. Per designer Nina Morgan-Jones, Romp is a "Fully Organic Certified Fashion, lifestyle, shoes, interiors" label. Via email, Morgan-Jones told Racked "We have our Flagship store in Slovenia where we manufacture—we sold wholesale for many years internationally and decided we needed our own space to showcase everything. So after LA more shops we hope in New York, then Moscow then wherever we want to live next!" So, what's with the bovine? Per the press release, it's all part of Romp's mission toward sustainable tanning practices, "taking exhaustive measures to create high-end leather fashions that seek to protect good animal husbandry, respect the environment and foster transparency."

In-store merch will include "organic and sustainable leather and suede jackets, bags, shoes, and luggage as well as organic cotton jeans, fashion T's, suede jumpsuits and home interiors." Apparently, there's going to be quite an extravaganza of a party with eats from The Little Door, plus "special guest DJ, art show, organic spirits, Romp fashion show and a multitude of VIPs." Eco-fancy. In the meantime, we have some work-in-progress and promo pics.
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