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Home Improvement, The Linen Outlet Gets A Makeover

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You know that linen discount place on the corner of Beverly Boulevard and Crescent Heights, The Linen Outlet? Like clockwork, the Outlet has a string of people at West 3rd Street and Fairfax—at rotating corners—waving signs promoting the store. Up until now, it's been in a pretty depressing state, a less spiffy version of Bed Bath & Beyond. But recently the bed and bath store has gone through a significant makeover, particularly at the easterly side of the shop where there's a Due by Matteo section set up. A quality cotton, high-thread count affair, the collection includes bedding that is somewhat customizable, cotton and linen sleepwear, and towels. With exposed wood beams and a cozy rustic home vibe, the area is definitely the highlight of the store (which, significantly, used to have no highlights). [RackedWire]