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Going Fast, Gap Design Editions at The Grove

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We ran over to The Grove to get the scoop on what was left of the Gap Design Editions. At this point, you'll find a lot of Larges and a smattering of Mediums and XSmalls. There was only one Small left in the picot button-front shirt by Phillip Lim. Sales staff said there may be more merch coming in next week, but that was it for now. When asked how much sold, the staffer said that he didn't know "a lot, put it this way, we had about 100 of each item and what you see now is what's left." That would be about 900 shirts and dresses, and approximately 30-40 left by guestimation. Of the men's, there were only about 10 left, Larges and XLarges, one Medium. On a quick trip to the dressing room, we found that the button-downs fit well (better tailoring than the last set of Gap Design Editions) and true to size, so if you catch another shipment, it's worth a trip. In terms of the Philip Crangi jewelry, the cuffs would work for a slightly bigger wrist and the other necklaces and bracelets weren't particularly exciting. Not worth the $35-$45 price tags. [RackedWire]
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