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In-Store Pics: Masses of Marimekko, Two Measly Celia Birtwell Racks

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Would not call it a Marimekko feeding frenzy over at H&M at the Beverly Center this past weekend, though people were definitely shopping the collection. Part of this may be that the Beverly Center H&M is where there is the most stock of the limited-edition collection, locally, and as was reported to us Friday, there is tons of merch. On the left-hand side of the shopping floor, the collection runs down nearly half of the middle area, which is front and center when you enter that store side. There is a smaller section of men's Marimekko just to the right when you enter. H&M has merchandised the area in such a way that there's a smattering of other H&M collections throughout, which offsets the incredibly colorful printed collection. The long dresses and skirts run a bit bigger than usual for H&M. The retro-cut bikinis and one-pieces seemed to be going quickly, and were in need of restocking as there weren't many size options.

Over at Express, the Celia Birtwell collection consisted of two racks at the front of the store—one for blouses and one for dresses. The smattering of shoppers were not biting either, sticking to the back of the chain store.
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