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RackedWire: Bliss-ful at W Residences, Pasadena Macy's Renovations

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Photo via Bliss World

HOLLYWOOD— W Hollywood Hotel and Residences—the hotel/condo/retail development at Hollywood and Vine—has announced the plans for a 4,800-square-foot Bliss spa (also in the W Hotel in Westwood), as well a a retail beauty boutique. From the press release: "The spa will include all of Bliss' trademark touches: a signature menu of tension taming treatments, rhythm and blues tunes and legendary brownie buffet." Mmm, brownies. Well, look, if you're spending $750,000-$6,000,000 on a condo, there damn well better be a spa—and brownies, for that matter. [Racked Inbox]

PASADENA— Over in Pasadena, a concerned shopper writes: "maybe someone should dig deeper!!!!!!! macy's historic store on south lake ave. pasadena is closing for a extended remodeling!!!!! everything is 30-50 percent off!!! they said the store will reopen for the hoilday season 2008 but can you guys find out what will be done? and are they serious about reopening the store?" We need to break past the automated messaging system, first. We've called twice thus far, got transferred and then hung up on. Thanks, Macy's. [Racked Inbox]