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New Cosabella Collection, Undress Like Sex and the City

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Luckily, the Sex and the City movie is due to hit theaters next month, because we're going to be saturated by the foursome until then. The latest onslaught is this Sex and the City by Cosabella collection, now available online, with sub Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda collections, ranging from $20.70-$171. Are you easy-going Carrie? "Carefree and fabulous with a truly romantic take on love and life... with a whimsical, eclectic style all her own." Or slutty Samantha? "Scintilliating (sic) and successful with a knock of getting what and who she wants. Makes her statement with bold colors and racy ensembles..." Sweet, sweet Charlotte? " Endearing and a true romantic with a refreshingly optimistic outlook... her feminine chic style as well as her sweet and girlish side." Or bitter Miranda? "Independent, focused and matter-of-fact with a biting wit and a hidden but resillient (sic) soft side." Cosabella makes very pretty underpinnings, but, clearly, falls short on the whole spelling thing. [Racked Inbox]