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In-Store Update: Marimekko at H&M, Celia Birtwell at Express

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At left, a blouse from Celia Birtwell's collection for Express in-store now; at right, a blouse from Celia Birtwell's collection for Topshop in 2006

Sales staff at the H&M at the Beverly Center told us yesterday that the Marimekko collection wouldn't be out until Monday, April 14, but we've just learned that it is in fact out on the floor and there are "tons of racks and everyone is buying." A correspondent at our sister site Curbed reports that "there's about three separate sections, or clusters, each one has about eight racks." Further, our reporter notes "usually the special collections aren't that extensive, but this went pretty far back. Just when I thought I was done with Marimekko, there was more."

Over at Express where the Celia Birtwell collection debuted this week, it's much, much quieter—actually, "empty." There are about three or four racks. Our reporter mentioned the striking resemblance between the Birtwell Lapis Lazuli Express top (pictured left) and Birtwell's blouse from her Topshop collection two years ago (pictured right) and "the sales girl totally admitted it's exactly the same as Topshop form 2006. In fact, she asked me how much did it cost at Topshop." [RackedWire]
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