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Teens' Top 10 Specialty Store Chains, Old Navy #1

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Photo via Abercrombie & Fitch

Today, WWD reports on where teenage girls have been putting their parents' money over the last 12 months, per Chicago-based, Teenage Research Unlimited, which does studies like "The TRU Study: 2008 Spring Update" that gives us this kind of info. The fashion trade gives some crazy stats, such as "U.S. teens still spent just more than $70 on average in a one-week period, down from the $83 reported in the previous fall wave," and "U.S. teens have spent $1.65 trillion over the past 10 years." Who knew Aeropostale had made such a comeback? [WWD, subscription req]

Now, the list:

1) Old Navy
2) American Eagle Oufitters
3) Aeropostale
4) Victoria's Secret
5) Forever 21
6) Hollister
7) Abercrombie & Fitch
8) The Gap
9) Hot Topic
10) Pacsun


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