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Now Open: Fremont on 4th Street, Downtown

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Photo via Refinery29

Downtown now has scads of restaurants, bars and 'spensive lofty apartments and condos, but retail is taking its time to infiltrate the area. As such, it's pretty big news when a shop such as Fremont opens, which houses LA-based men's and women's label Fremont Apparel Company, designed by Devin Carlson and Britney Pham. In proximity of the Comme des Garcons Guerilla Store, Refinery29 reports the label: "embraces a loose-fitting contemporary aesthetic with an emphasis on basics," and, fittingly, the boutique "has an equally stylish but simple vibe, featuring a somewhat hidden workroom for Carlson and Pham... It's also where the duo custom-design pieces for some of Hollywood's elite, as well as tailor-fit several of their own pieces for close friends." Could be the beginnings of an actual shopping area if other retail follows suit.
· Fremont: Downtown L.A. welcomes a chic new addition to West 4th Street [Refinery29]