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Discontinued: Scentiments on Abbot Kinney and Zone-Free Venice Boardwalk Vendors

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Photo via Yo! Venice

Neighborhood blog Yo! Venice laments that Scentiments florist has closed on Abbot Kinney: "Scentiments has closed. Does anyone know why? Or what will replace it? I’ve received flowers from them a few times and they were always beautiful and unique arrangements. I’m sad to see them go." Yo! notes that the website is still up though, so perhaps it will open at another locale. A commenter is not so sorry, however: "They were a bit pricey and arrogant from my one experience with them. Overcharged me too, I was supposed to get free delivery and they charged me for it. Ouch." Stupid flower people. [Yo! Venice]

On the less tony Venice boardwalk, there's other issues at the fore. Curbed reports that vendors now need a "p-zone" or "i-zone" permit. From the Los Angeles Times via Curbed: "Between Memorial Day weekend and Nov. 1, free-speech performers wanting to peddle newspapers, leaflets, bumper stickers and buttons will have to obtain a permit to work in one of 105 p-zone spaces. Meanwhile, 100 i-zone spaces will be designated for individuals seeking to sell items they have created or that are 'inextricably intertwined' with the message they wish to impart, according to the ordinance. For i-zone areas, permits would be required year-round." Apparently, folks are getting ticketed for selling "peace" t-shirts. Not a lot of free love going on around there. [Curbed]