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Sellebrity: Mariah Carey and Katherine Heigl Smell Good, Winehouse and Cavalli, Magnum Depp, Moss Still for Rimmel

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Because what's a label without a celebrity attached to it? Sellebrity keeps you in the loop on what famous folks are selling these days.

Image via Mariah Carey

1) Mariah Carey: Mariah Carey's latest fragrance from Elizabeth Arden, M by Mariah Carey Gold, is out, priced at $75 but touting a $600 value. Huh? From the Elizabeth Arden site: "While packaged in the same beautifully shaped bottle as M by Mariah Carey, it is now dipped in a lavish metallic gold. Inside this stunning bottle is the most sensual form of the original fragrance and Mariah's favorite, the parfum. For a limited time only, experience ... this magical fragrance, and lavish yourself in the Glamour of Gold." Limited-edition, whatever, dipped in gold, whatever. How stupid do you think we are? Now, vintage Mariah Carey acting crazy on TRL? Priceless. [Elizabeth Arden]

2) Katherine Heigl: The new spokesperson for Nautica fragrance My Voyage, in an article from Teen Vogue, Heigl recounts her high school traumas, growing up as a pretty blond in Connecticut by the water: "High school can be a tough time. I remember when I was in high school, a girl said that I gave her a mean look in the cafeteria, and I didn't even know who she was!" It gets worse! "Plus, she was a senior, so it was really bad. I didn't understand why she thought this. Maybe I was wearing glasses and was squinting in her direction or something?" [Teen Vogue]

3) Amy Winehouse: In non-rehab Amy Winehouse news, the rumor mills are churning with the possibility of the British songstress becoming the face of Cavalli. From Fashion Wire Daily: "British reports over the weekend have the petite crooner being courted now by none other than Roberto Cavalli. Specifically, Winehouse wasn't asked to be the face of Cavalli's campaign; rather, the designer was said to simply have offered her the opportunity to wear his designs exclusively for her red carpet appearances and performances." Don't do it, RC! She will not make the photo shoot. [FWD]

4) Johnny Depp: File this under unlikely. Hollyscoop reports the actor is larger-than-life literally and figuratively: "Johnny Depp has reportedly been offered $10 million to be the face of Trojan condoms... Johnny would be the magnum guy... Trojan believes he'll boost sales in the U.S. and also help in their anti-AIDS campaign to send free condoms to third world counties. The slogan would say Stand up with Johnny for safer sex." Wouldn't "Lay down with Johnny for safer sex" be more appropriate? [Hollyscoop]

5) Kate Moss: Despite the horrifying rumors, Kate Moss is still the Rimmel cosmetics girl. Style Crunch posted the statement from a Rimmel rep: “Kate remains the face of Rimmel London and will continue to appear in campaigns for the foreseeable future. Rimmel London has no plans to replace Kate.” [Style Crunch]