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Just Hillin': LC's Wine-Hued Bag, Feminist Heidi Montag, 20 First Episode Questions

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Just Hillin', a place where we chronicle the latest reality TV obsession, none other than The Hills—the stars' eponymous labels, their fashion observations and choices, their big dreams made true by MTV.

1) The Hills star Lauren Conrad's been carrying a Rebecca Minkoff handbag lately (pictured via Purse Blog), which means everyone's been clamoring for the $600 Wine Nikki Bag, now backordered through May 31. Over at Purse Blog, they're feeling the love for darling Nikki and LC: "I know, I know, why does anyone care about Lauren Conrad? Is she even a celebrity? MTV made her one, they really did, and actually I must admit that a) I love her and b) I was so excited to watch The Hills premiere last night!" [Purse Blog]

2) Fashionista's initial first episode "10 Questions for The Hills," became 20 questions highlighting the complete unreality of the reality show with queries such as, "Hey girls, how’d you get Karl Lagerfeld's bodyguard to pick you up from the airport?" and "How much did Alberta Ferretti pay for that product placement?" Mid-show, Fashionista compares her colleague's Teen Vogue experience. "At this point in the program, Faran would like to point out that when she went to Paris last year to work for Teen Vogue, she took the Metro everywhere and had no driver? and had no itinerary?" [Fashionista]

3) Meanwhile, Pretty Boring blog is pretty outraged over Monday's New York Times review of the reality show, which says other The Hills star Heidi Montag "has emerged as a kind of feminist hero this season." Pretty Boring reacts: "If this is a feminist hero, the female race is totally f***ed. That's like saying Lauren Conrad is a fashion visionary." [Pretty Boring]