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Misadventures in Marketing: Teleflora Blooms a Blog

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Massive, LA-based floral service Teleflora, in fact, has a blog. Simply named Flower Blog, which to date has 95 posts since launching in November, 2007 is trying to get the word out with a press release put out today at PR Newswire. Learn about such scintillating topics as why—though not an "It" flower—"Mums Rock!" Sorry, Teleflora, but this comes off as a thinly-veiled effort to unload too many Chrysanthemums. Of course, like Starbucks and Kiehl's of late, Teleflora is also trying to build an online community where "florists will have an opportunity to share their experiences and exciting behind-the-scene stories about life in their communities." Stay tuned for the sexy lives of florists.
· Teleflora Launches the Flower Blog [PR Newswire]