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NYC Storefront for Art and Architecture's First-Ever Pop-Up Landing in Hollywood

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Image via Storefront for Art and Architecture

Pop-Up stores are bonus consumption - license to spend, spend, spend, because it will fold up and disappear, making it the last chance to buy whatever-the-thing-is until it shows up on eBay the next day. The Storefront for Art and Architecture—a NYC-based non-profit aimed to advance "innovative positions in architecture, art and design"—reeks of culture over the regular pop-up store hysteria, which, frankly, LA could use a bit more of. The temporary store, the first of its kind for the org, opens April 11 at Paperchase Printing at Sunset and Formosa with an exhibition from French photog Frederic Chaubin, "CCCP-Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed," and continues for five weeks. Though, even something as sophisticated sounding as Storefront is somehow—in a very LA turn of events—sponsored by American Apparel, because the former Soviet Union is hot.
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