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Jared Gold Adds Shine to Lackluster Fashion Week Schedule

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It's more a fizzle than a buzz surrounding LA Fashion Week for the fall '08 season with shrinking rosters everywhere, whether at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios, at BOXeight downtown, or at off-site shows around the city. Not only are a fewer number of designers showing, but key designers have decided not to show this season, including Petro Zillia, Eduardo Lucero, and Louis Verdad, who all showed last season. In their place? A list of designers no one's heard of.

That's why the irreverent Jared Gold is a welcome addition, showing his Czarina collection downtown at Union Station to the public for free. Yep, it's open to everyone - all you have to do is sign up online. Expect a raucous night - there are 1,500 seats - replete with professional ballet dancers, porn stars (Traci Lords will hit the runway, among others), and a performance by self-described "indie-country-gothic" band Miss Derringer.
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