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Now Open: The Red House on La Cienega

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Right next door to just-opened House of Love and Luck jewelry boutique, interiors shop The Red House bowed right around Thanksgiving with a red carpet party that brought out celebs such as Leah Remini. It's interior designer Michelle Workman's boutique—who counts in clients John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and J.Lo, among other bold-faced names—housing a mix of new and vintage in a colorful, soft-hued space with a mural at the back (peacocks, pink flowers, lemon trees), a collab effort between Workman and a commissioned artist.

Stand-out pieces, such as a striped chaise lounge, turns out to be vintage, refinished by Workman. Also the designer's doing, a gorgeous branch chandelier with pink flowers and delicate drops, as if a necklace has been wistfully placed atop it. [RackedWire]