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Pop-Ups: Pepsi Proper Brings Brands and DJs to La Brea

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What, you thought Pepsi was just about sugary soda? Pepsi's now about pop-up shops and hipster brands and music, apparently. Via Hypebeast 'Pepsi Proper' will be popping up Saturday, December 13 with avail retail from noon-7pm, and an after-party from 9pm-midnight at 233 South La Brea Avenue.

Labels on tap include "Union Los Angeles, Hypebeast, House of Cassette, Clae, Craftworks, Evil Monito, Jungle Gurl, Sneaktip and S.L.A.T.E Trade Show," plus "DJ Fashen, DJ Peter Lee, DJ Byze One and DJ Sour Milk (all from 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm) while DJ Mike B and DJ Reflex will be on the tables from 9:00 pm - 12:00 am," and culminating with The Clipse and Pac Division." Pepsi Proper will then move on to NYC.
· Pepsi Proper Los Angeles [Hypebeast]