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Party (S)hopping: Space 15 Twenty Grand Opening

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Saturday night was the grand opening of Space 15 Twenty, and the high-end hipster crowd was lined 50 deep when we rolled up around 9pm.

When we stopped by 15 Twenty last week to peep the Samantha Pleet Pop Up, We the Free wasn’t open, so we were excited to check out the bar-like set up: Each item is tacked up on the display wall; you alert the brand rep your size and style and she fetches it from the back. Sure, this probably makes efficient use of the otherwise small retail space, but it sorta takes the fun out of traditional browsing.

Neighbor Alife has made a full recovery from the fire that tore through it a few weeks ago. There was zero evidence of any damage and the store manager told Racked: “There’s been no digressive motion. We are completely on-point.”

Out back, there were free tacos and Colt45 to keep the crowd bouncy as they lined up for free screen-printed tees from Alife and Hit + Run. You could pick up to three graphics and select their location on your tee, so everyone left with one-of-a-kind designs. After that, most migrated to the Snack Bar and Courtyard for some free popcorn and live music. Space 15 Twenty is continuing to keep the parties coming, too, with events slated for December 12, 16, and 20.
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Space 15 Twenty

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