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Lindsay and Her Leggings at The Grove

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We missed the opportunity to check out Lindsay Lohan making an appearance at Nordstrom at The Grove last night to promote her 6126 leggings collection. All the Rage reports on "An alarmingly thin Lohan" who showed to greet 75 fans, including "a 12-year-old named Edna Cerritos—a brain cancer patient whom Lohan met while visiting Los Angeles Childrens Hospital. The two became friends and keep in touch through text messages and letters." Blog Chismetime paints a rather different picture in which "maybe 60 people at the event, half of witch [sic] were Nordstrom employees and security!" People were told “she was feeling very fragile," she greeted some, but left before greeting everyone. Chismetime then went over to the Randy Jackson book signing at Barnes & Noble, where "THERE WERE MORE PEOPLE THERE!" Maybe she was just hungry. [All the Rage/LAT, Chismetime]

The Grove

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