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Free Valet Brings Shoppers to West 3rd Street's Holiday Party

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West 3rd Street hosts periodic late-night shopping nights, but this past Thursday's event was the first time it has a free Universal Valet Service, in which shoppers could leave their car at any one of eight valets along West 3rd Street between La Cienega and Fairfax, and then pick the car up at any one of them. West 3rd Street is extending this service every weekend leading up to Christmas. Boutique owners in the area were very positive about the valet and the fact that people were shopping. Below and after the jump, check their reactions:

Hillary Rush: "Shocked at turnout. A lot of people. Especially given the economy, I was relieved at the amount of people coming out, spending money and even buying some luxury items. The people who came out WERE BUYING. Some people did say they were buying more inexpensive gifts this year than other years, but no one said they were not NOT shopping. The universal valet parking brought out so many more people and would continue to do so if they can keep it going."
Deborah Wolsh, Owner of Ethel: "Last night's party was another great success for W. Third Street and exactly the boost that stores on the street needed in this current economic climate. It was so exciting to once again see so many people enjoying themselves in the stores and restaurants on the street. The complimentary valet parking program was also a great success and went incredibly smoothly."
Eveline Morel, Owner of EM & Co: "It was a fun event for us, good vibe. Not sure how it compared to other parties going on that evening. We had quite a few sales, even if the street traffic was not completely crazy, the lights outside and fun designer stuff attracted people. We ended up closing at 11 pm, were having too much fun..."

George Esquivel, Owner of Esquivel Shoes: "We were happy to see a good mix of current and new clients come discover the Esquivel House space...this is our first 3rd Street Block event, but we're looking forward to many more."

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