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The Thakoon for Target Obama Pitch

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We were waiting for the Thakoon for Target/Michelle Obama pitch, which, frankly, we thought would come in from the chain's PR sooner. It starts out generally positive about recent political developments: "On the heels of the recent exciting election, significant changes to the White House are anticipated not only in politics but in fashion as well. Michelle Obama brings a fresh, modern look to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave with her penchant for vibrant colors and sleek silhouettes."

And then gets down to business: "Among the new first lady’s favorite designers is Thakoon Panichgul, known for his graphic prints and use of bright colors exemplified in the designer’s dress Michelle Obama wore to the Democratic National Convention. Now, Target makes it possible to get one of Michelle’s favorite designers for a lot less!"

The big question is whether Obama will wear the lower-priced Thakoon collection, which will be in-store and online December 28 through January 31. If she does, we will expect the requisite gazillion posts about it.
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