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Storecasting: American Apparel Delays Opening, Dov Hates the Floors

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American Apparel is pushing back its 3rd Street Promenade Grand Opening until Tuesday, December 9. According to a rep “Dov [Charney] came in last night and hates the floors. He absolutely can’t stand it.” The team decided to call in their contractor to get red oak floors put in, which should take up to three days. But AA would rather fix the error now and delay the grand opening, even if that means missing the weekend crowd. “We are a serious retailer and didn’t want to give the wrong impression to our customers. It doesn’t hold up to our quality of standards and design,” the rep told Racked.

The new space is larger than most other L.A. locations. The crotch statues and mannequins—which are posed in suggestive sitting and kneeling positions—weren’t rocking any gear yet but most of the fixtures were fully stocked. New glass cases and tri-level underwear displays are making their debut, along with a new lighting design for the back fitting room area, which is part of AA’s effort to find innovative and versatile ways to display all their different styles of merchandise. All of this, of course, will have to be hastily moved to make way for the new flooring. Good thing the fixtures are on wheels.
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