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Excess Personified: Crystal Audigier's Sweet 16, Two Cars and a Fashion Show

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If you're feeling a bit rankled by, say, the financial crisis this state, this country, is going through right now, it may be best not to read on because Christian Audigier's daughter, Crystal, just turned 16, and the party was exactly what you'd expect—over-the-top and monied.

California Apparel News was at the party, held at the Kress in Hollywood, and bared witness to the scene, involving Perez Hilton, Paris and Nicky Hilton, performances by the Pussycat Dolls and T.I., two (count 'em two) cars gifted, a white Range Rover and a 1959 vintage Thunderbird, and a fashion show featuring the newly-minted 16-year-old's Crystal Rock collection.

The daughter clearly takes cues from her father when designing and presentation. CAN reports "The line includes embellished organic-cotton tees, hoodies, hats and jeans featuring original artwork and Day-Glo colors...The shirtless male models wore bright jeans and suspenders and had the Crystal Rock logo prominently splashed across their chests in glittery body paint."

Oh, and, the whole thing was filmed for a future My Super Sweet 16 episode on MTV.
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