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Rami Kashou KCRW Guest DJ

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Recently LA designer and Project Runway finalist Rami Kashou was a guest DJ on KCRW, discussing music and fashion with Jeremy Sole. The designer finds music not only fundamental to his process, but to the industry as a whole: "I think music and fashion and all of these things are very important elements...if there wasn't music, I don't think fashion would be as maybe influential because there's a strong marriage between the two, at least in my world, so ?

His list? Henry Mancini - "The Big Lebowski"; Amy Winehouse - Back to Black; Goldfrapp - Strict Machine; Fairuz - Kamata Mariyam; Budda Bar comp - Samo Zaen - Tonight. Of Goldfrapp, for instance, Kashou immediately translates what would go on the catwalk: "if I were to, let's say, design something around the song it would be very strong, bitchy, kind of confident women that are just strutting down the runway." [RackedWire]