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No Fuzzy Feelings for Cozi Couch, Class Action Suit Developing

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Cozi Couch closed its West 3rd Street location recently, having been on the street a little over a year. We mentioned that there were customer complaints (Blackburn and Sweetzer, Yelp, Yahoo)—many stories of people placing and paying for orders, which were never received, to the tune of $4,000. Couches, pillows, chandeliers. The overwhelming word throughout the complaints is 'scam.' From Blackburn and Sweetzer comments:

"RUN AND RUN FAST!!!! This place is a total scam!!! Furniture looks great on the floor and the staff will tell a great story but speaking from first hand experience, they are really, really bad news! We still have NOT received our furniture after 9 months of lame excuses, excuses and more excuses!!!!! Of course, they must have every dime up front (my mistake, never to make again!!!) and then they never deliver. They have your money and then ?.you’re screwed!!! I hate to hassle with legal action but I am left with no other choice, I am out several thousand dollars!"

The latest development came with a comment on December 20 on the blog, indicating a class action suit:

Hello, Attorney Michael Barbee is looking for plaintiffs to join a class action lawsuit against Cozi Crook. The owners and salespeople who made representions to you are likely personally liable for the debts, so don’t despair. Call Mike at 310-399-0400 or email:

Interestingly, the only contact number on Cozi Couch's site is a fax number.
· Discontinued: Cozi Couch on West 3rd Street [Racked]