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LA Fashion Weak: BOXeight 'Niche' Says Gurnz

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With reports that BOXeight and Gen Art are the only major fashion events slated for next fashion week coming up in March, it would seem like an opportunity for BOXeight (which began a year ago) to potentially maneuver into the main event around town, but organizer Pet Gurnz tells the LAT that is not the plan:

"I don't think BOXeight is necessarily ready to be, or planning to be, representative of L.A. Fashion Week in its entirety...We have a good niche little thing and I like what we do, but once all the heads turn to us and we're sort of responsible for all of L.A. fashion. . . . We're not really interested in being that kind of company. I'd rather leave that to the corporate conglomerates and expos."

Designer Kevan Hall is taking the situation into his own hands, and planning a charity runway show March 19 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel with 700 people. Hall told the paper: "This can be an exciting time of transition...It might spark people to think outside of the box—no pun intended—and then we'll all see what happens in October."
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