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XMas Sweaters Unite! All on Leslie Hall's Website, Then the Echoplex

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First, we just want to thank Lina Lecaro over at Style Council for turning us on to the bedazzled wonderment of Leslie Hall. From the blog: "Turns out this colorful cut-up is also a musician, actress (she had a vivacious cameo on the kids Nik Jr. program, Yo Gabba Gabba) and a 'Gem Sweater Queen.'" The performer has collected an amazing display of beloved synthetic sparklers, only a fraction of which are shown above. But there is a full gallery, that deserves a few mesmerizing minutes of your attention. We also love the thoughtful, hilarious names she's given to every last woven masterpiece.

Style Council also leads us to an Xmas Sweater Party Saturday, December 13 at the Echoplex, which could be pretty spectacular.
· Deck the Hall- LA's Dazzling Sweater Diva [Style Council/LA Weekly]