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Window Shopping: Hillary Rush Says 'Shop Baby Shop'

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We noticed the brand new neon 'Shop baby shop' sign at women's boutique Hillary Rush on West 3rd Street. The shop has been a consistent success on the street, especially in light of all the closures since the economy took a nosedive. During the WGA strike, for instance, when we asked if the store had been affected, Rush told Racked things were steady and "A bunch of people came in to buy red shirts to picket." That's some next-level striking.

But, still, the sign is no doubt an effort to get the attention of passers-by, and it seemed to be working on a the Saturday we popped in—during the brief time we were there, three people came in mentioning the new sign and stuck around to shop. [RackedWire]

Hillary Rush

8222 West Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048 Visit Website