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Discontinued: All U.S. Kira Plastinina Stores (6 Locally) Close Today

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We heard yesterday that 'nearly' all the Kira Plastinina shops in the U.S. would close by year's end, but today WWD reports that all 12 "will close their doors today at 6 p.m., a scant seven months after the first units opened," which includes the Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Center, Americana at Brand, 3rd Street Promenade, Beverly Drive, and Shoppingtown Topanga shops.

Kira Plastinina, a 16-year-old fast fashion designer, and her entire operation is bankrolled by her "father Sergei Plastinin, a tycoon in the dairy and fruit business in Russia." The fashion trade points to the ailing Russian stock market, which Plastinin "was heavily invested," the sad state of the U.S. economy, and not enough new merch to compete with retailers such as H&M, which get new shipments everyday, as the causes for the U.S. closures.

There are still 70 Kira Plastinina shops in Russia, 10 in Ukraine and five in Kazakhstan.
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