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Bromantic Dinner with Brody Jenner

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Here it is, people, your "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" to win a trip to Hollywood (if you need it) and dinner with "Brody Jenner and his bros," courtesy of E.l.f. cosmetics. What really caught our eye about this contest (you just have to fill out an online form), conveniently in conjunction with the upcoming season premiere of Bromance December 29, is the description of the show, as "a touching and irreverent non-scripted series that takes a group of regular compete for the chance of a lifetime, to call Brody Jenner their best bud, become part of his entourage & live the life right out of a magazine." Now, this can be taken tongue-in-cheek, it's clearly a completely ridiculous show, but 'irreverent' and 'non-scripted' (our emphasis above)? Don't think so. [E.l.f.]