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Retail Theivery: Carolina Herrera and John Frieda Burglarized on Melrsoe Place

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Fashion Rules! reports of two burglaries on Melrose Place this week. The first took place at night at John Frieda Salon, which resulted in the loss of several computers.

The second was at Carolina Herrera in broad daylight: "savvy and seemingly prepared shoplifters hit the Carolina Herrera boutique hard this week...a gang of three scoped out the pricey boutique and learned they don’t put clothing censors on their high-priced dresses, jackets and suits." Later that day, the trio returned and "stuffed items under their own outerwear," leaving with "about a hundred thousand dollars worth of luxury clothing."

Although they could have only been so savvy, considering "Valet parking attendants say they got the license plate number of the car the gang of three, seeing that they had designer clothes falling out of their jackets." The store is also set up with cameras.
· CRIME ON MELROSE PLACE!!! [Fashion Rules!]