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Luxury Meats Lo-Fi: Nancy Wu's Jerky Chanel and Louis Vuitton

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Nancy Wu, a product design student at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, has been making waves online with her hand sewn Chanel bag and Louis Vuitton wallet, made out of sheets of jerky. She's also garnered attention for her Nike Remixed and Recut, which melds sport, comfort and breathability and "reinterprets sportswear for a generation of open-minded and unorthodox consumers. Rooted in authenticity but designed for a range of expressions, this footwear collection describes hybridization."

A further look at Wu's site is both entertaining and inspiring. For those who, say, support the legalization of a certain weed, there's the 'Life is short, eat the brownie' necklace, as well as a set of pretty cocktail rings made out of soap. Wu calls the former "a daily memo to live a little," and of the ladder, she writes, "In hopes of questioning how we behave or design in the future, this study is a quiet reminder of our physicality in a rapidly disconnecting society."
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