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Madison and Diavolina Moving to West 3rd Street Mid-2009

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After the D&G opening the other night, All the Rage took a stroll down Robertson and noted the change in Robertson retail: "I counted five Kitson storefronts on the blocks between Beverly and Third. But the high-end is starting to inch out the paparazzi-friendly"—namely, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and, of course, D&G.

CAN is also paying attention to the shift on the street with the closing of shops such as Robert Clergerie (since May) and Agnes B. (since September), and news that "Boutiques Madison and Diavolina will be moving off of the 100 block of South Robertson in mid-2009." Both boutiques are owned by by Madison, and the the two will be moving around the corner on West 3rd Street to a 7,000-square-foot former antiques shop, which "will offer slightly more selling space, with areas for office and e-commerce stores as well as a rarity—a parking lot with 20 spaces."

Diavolina founder Evelyn Ungvari cited rents as an impetus for the move, having "become too expensive to do business in a flagging economy," while Madison owner Mark Goldstein said the street "has changed from its roots as a street for independent boutiques" and become "corporate." Ungvari described the current customer at "less elite and more mainstream, and the new crowd is less interested in new, unique fashion."
· L.A.'s Robertson Stumbles, O.C.'s Erica Dee Goes Online Only [CAN]

Chanel Robertson Boulevard

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