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Discontinued: Sergio Rossi on Melrose Place Already Gone

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Wow! We really didn't expect Sergio Rossi to close shop on Melrose Place so quickly, but Fashion Rules! snapped this photo yesterday of the sign being dismantled. The store had opened less than a year ago.

Earlier this month, it was announced that all U.S. Sergio Rossi stores would be closed by early 2009, so it shouldn't be a big surprise, but still Fashion Rules! notes "the abrupt closing this week of the Sergio Rossi store—almost a secret slinking out—on Melrose Place—was a shocker."

Like the fashion blog, we also thought there would at least be some major closing shop sale, even one-day, but, no. Since it's continuing to wholesale in the U.S., maybe the label is just sending merch to Neiman Marcus or Saks. We can't see it in the photo, but apparently there's already a 'for lease' sign in the window.
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