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Mike & Chris Stay Afloat With Licensing Deal

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Everyone's been wondering what the demise of LA label Mike & Chris would be, after word of restructuring and its NYC showroom rent going unpaid. But we had hear that Green Mochi LLC had come into the picture, and WWD reports today that the brand "hopes to weather the recession without sacrificing design through a licensing agreement with Green Mochi LLC."

Per the trade, co-founder/designer Mike Gonzalez will continue to design and Green Mochi, "which holds equal partnerships in contemporary label Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent and A.L.C., the fashion line launched for next spring by celebrity stylist Andrea Lieberman," will deal with "production, invoices and shipments."

Also part of the deal: "Mike & Chris will consolidate its New York and Los Angeles showrooms with Twelfth Street’s," as well as "consolidate shipping, factoring, warehouse, invoicing and any operation that isn’t related to Mike & Chris’ design."

Above left, a look from spring '09.
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