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Thakoon for Target Looking A Lot Like...Thakoon

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LAT writer Booth Moore is a wee bit disappointed that Thakoon Panichgul's collection for Target, hitting stores December 28, looks so much like his much higher-priced Thakoon collection: "the blue and white shibori shirtdress, the 'cyber floral' print circle skirt that ties at the waist, the preppy navy-and-green striped dress, they are all there, albeit with higher, junior-ified hemlines."

Which is a great thing for those of us who can't afford to spend $800 on a cotton skirt, and which Moore concedes "isn't such a big deal, except"—and here it comes—"for those of us who spent money on the real thing. I bought two skirts from the runway collection. And for what I paid for them, well, I could have bought the whole Thakoon for Target collection, with pieces from $16.99 to $44.99. So I’m not so sure how I am going to feel when I see watered-down versions of my skirts walking down the street in a few months."

She notes the differences between the lines, the ways in which the Thakoon pieces are better quality that the Thakoon for Target pieces, but she still feels "rooked." In the end, she chalks it up to being caught up in a "spending binge like the rest of the world," and that she shouldn't have spent $800 on a cotton skirt and will be at Target the day the collection hits stores. And will be wearing Thakoon with Thakoon for Target. High-low Thakoon—this is what you call a nice problem, ending with a very stylish result.
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