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Seam and Heard: Jessica Moss and Lisa Guajardo, Designers of Leyendecker

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The two leading ladies of Leyendecker, Angelino Jessica Moss and Texas-import Lisa Guajardo, could say a thing or two about maintaining a happy, healthy relationship: “We really are like a married couple, constantly feeding off of each other. At the end of the day, we often can’t remember who came up with what idea.” Being the perfect yin (Jessica: referencing vintage, practical and clean) and yang (Lisa: futuristic, avant garde, always pushing the envelope), the clothes of this power couple are complicated and simple at the same time, displaying an intricate minimalism that is absolutely current but far from trendy.

What inspired your latest collection?
Fall was a discourse in construction and color blocking. It’s all about dresses; they’re really the simplest way to look. “dressed”

Who’s the quintessential Leyendecker woman?
Someone who takes pride in the art of dressing and wants to stand out, but at the same time doesn’t take fashion too seriously. She likes to have fun and wants to look good having it.

Who’s your favorite LA designer?

Who’s your favorite designer overall?
Balenciaga and Alexander Wang.

What are the advantages of working in LA over working in NYC?
Lisa: NYC just didn’t work for me, I tried it for a year. But I connected with LA immediately, the space I have here has a lot to do with it.
Jessica: I’m as passionate and snobby about LA as others are about living in Manhattan. I’d never live anywhere else.

What’s your go-to shopping spot in LA?
Opening Ceremony, Barneys.

What’s the season’s must-have item?
Our black mini skirt, organic merino knit with an elastic waist, we both live in it. Also, our sweater blazer. It’s like a cardigan and a blazer at the same time.

The season’s-not-under-any-circumstances – don’t care if you’re Sienna Miller or Anne Hathaway – have item?
Ill-fitting clothes are never attractive.

Deyendecker is available at Photos by Christina von Messling.