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Above the Fray: Behold Nascar Pumps at Shoe Pavilion!

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We got over to Shoe Pavilion on Beverly Boulevard to check out the going out of biz sale, and though it didn't seem as busy as it was previously when we weren't allowed in, the place was in serious disarray from shoppers digging through the aisles and boxes. The discount chain is a good place to find sneakers (Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc), but this was a challenge, as boxes would have only one shoe, or mismatched sizes, or only very large or very small sizes.

In terms of women's heels, boots, flats, you're not going to inject your wardrobe in terms of fashion-forwardness here, but if you go looking for, say, a solid pair of black heels (or some bright yellow ones), you might have some luck. You will also find (unless they've sold) an ample supply of Nascar heels, which we didn't know existed. For men, there seemed to be a better supply of sneakers left, as well as a lot of dress shoes of the conservative nine-to-five variety. We witnessed a number of people buying six-plus pairs of shoes, although one exasperated shopper said to his cohort: "This is a going out of business sale, 20%-40%? Shouldn't it be cheaper if you're going out of business?"
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