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Live at H&M 3rd Street Promenade Opening!

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We're live at the H&M 3rd Street Promenade, which opens at noon today. A much anticipated opening, in which we didn't anticipate rain! Check out the Black Friday extended hours on the Dealfeed.

11:25am Line extends way down the street. People came prepared with umbrellas, chairs and hoods

11:40am The H&M are coming out clapping, doors are opening!

11:45am Staff if doing a dance in a line. People are cheering.

11:49am Staff is handing out gift cards and bags. More cheering.

11:52am There must be at least 300 people here. Line extends to Santa Monica Boulevard and people are still coming.

11:54am Britney Spears "Piece of Me" is blaring from the store and girls are dancing.

11:58am The first people in line have been waiting since 6am.

12:00pm Ribbon is cut.

12:02pm And the first people are in! Big smiles.

12:06pm Letting in twenty peeps at a time.

12:15pm And scene! People are continuing to come in 20-30 at a time. Everyone shopping comfortably. There's a DJ. Some people are even leaving pretty quickly. Overall mellow. No crazy lines at the register. Some people have gone to try things on.