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Party (S)hopping: Nicholai at Petro Zillia

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The industrious Nicky Hilton is no stranger to fashion, which is evident if you open any gossip mag or browse through her eponymous clothing line Nicholai.

Hilton showcased her fall collection at Petro Zillia late last week, and told Racked, while designing, she envisions herself wearing the collection. Dressed in head to toe Nicholai and toting an Hermes bag, Hilton described her inspiration for fall as “equestrian meets S&M.” The juxtaposition made for a collection of leathers, silks and cashmeres that, when put together, truly reflects the heiress’ style.
· Party (S)hopping: Nicky Hilton and Nicholai at Petro Zillia Thursday [Racked]

—Geri Hirsch